Chili, cheese, and chips

Chili, cheese, and chips

Onion rings, or crispy onions, are a staple with gourmet burgers—especially when sprinkled on top of some tangy barbecue sauce. So why wouldn’t the same work for a hot dog?

2 Chili, cheese, and chips
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Ever heard of a walking taco, which is when you dump some chili or taco meat into a potato chip bag and top it with cheese? Well this is kind of like a walking taco, but on a hot dog! Spruce up the chili cheese dog by adding some crinkled potato chips on top.

3 Peppers, onions, and cheese
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For this hot dog combo, we’re traveling down to Philadelphia and grabbing the toppings that come on a classic Philly Cheesesteak! Saute up some peppers and onions and add some melted cheese for a Philly-inspired dog. Or if you really want to go the classic cheesesteak route, add some Cheese Whiz to the hot dog! Trust us, it’s the way to go.

4 Cheese and fries
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Speaking of cheese sauce, we can’t forget the delicious combo of cheese fries! Turn your favorite appetizer into a meal by adding fries and cheese sauce to your hot dog.

5 Baked beans and bacon
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Bacon and beans are the perfect pairing already. Put them on a hot dog though, and you got yourself a winning combination! The sweet beans with the salty bacon will be a hit at your next outdoor BBQ.

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