Is it healthy to join the trend?

Is it healthy to join the trend?

There’s nothing wrong with drinking celery juice if you enjoy it, said Palinski-Wade.

“However, the nutritional properties of the juice are not unique and the same benefits can be found from eating celery along with other leafy green vegetables,” she said. “If you enjoy the trend, feel free to stick with it. But otherwise, just aim to add more greens in any form to your plate.”

Virgin concurs, but says any type of juicing means pulling out the sugars and losing the fiber from the food you’re juicing, which isn’t healthy for blood sugar balance, sustained energy, or healthy weight maintenance.

However, before you start to juice, Alexander recommended talking to your doctor first.

“Just because someone has a million followers [on social media] doesn’t mean that they have any knowledge at all,” said Alexander. “If you’re taking medications, be sure that you’re not juicing a fruit or vegetable that could interfere with the medicine. Grapefruit juice is known to dull some medications and celery juice can also do that.”

The bottom line
Research shows that phytochemicals in celery can help reduce blood pressure and inflammation, as well as fight against oxidative stress. You can reap these benefits from celery whether you eat it whole or juice it.

However, when celery is juiced, the fiber is removed, and fiber provides a wealth of benefits, including sparking weight loss, helping to balance blood sugar levels, and more.

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