All You Need to Know About Green Coconut

All You Need to Know About Green Coconut

Green coconuts are the same variety as the brown, hairy ones with which you may be more familiar.

Both come from the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) (1).

The difference lies in the age of the coconut. Green coconuts are young and not completely ripened, while brown ones are fully mature (2).

Green coconuts have far less meat than mature ones. Instead, they’re prized for their refreshing and healthy water (2).

This article reviews green coconuts, including their health benefits and uses.

Ripening stages
Coconuts take 12 months to fully mature and ripen. However, they can be eaten anytime after seven months (1, 2).

They’re mostly green until they fully mature. The meat of green coconuts is still developing, so they contain mostly water (2).

During the ripening process, the outside color gradually darkens (2).

The inside goes through various stages as well (2):

At six months. A bright green coconut contains only water and no fat.
At 8–10 months. The green coconut has more yellow or brown spots. Its water becomes sweeter, and jelly-like meat forms, which gradually thickens and firms up.
From 11–12 months. The coconut begins to turn brown, and the meat inside thickens, hardens, and develops its high fat content. The coconut is much lower in water.
Green coconuts are young and not fully ripened, so they contain mostly water with little meat. As they mature, their water becomes sweeter, and the meat starts to develop.

The benefits of going green
Both green coconut water and meat offer impressive nutrition and health benefits.

Packed with nutrition
The water and tender meat of green coconuts are packed with electrolytes and micronutrients.

As a coconut ripens and transforms from mostly water to mostly meat, its nutrition content changes tremendously.

A 3.5-ounce (100-ml or 100-gram) serving of coconut water and raw coconut meat, respectively, provides (3, 4):

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